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Protective Coatings for Waterfront Use


  Concrete / Steel Coating (pdf)  

Protective Coatings - for marine and shoreline materials

  CS EcoCoatings - Sustainable material protection systems.
  Silane coatings which provide protection against corrosion in water and salt air environments on a long term basis. 
  EcoCoat for Wood

Effective as a wood treatment with combustion inhibiting agents, preserving the the non-combustibility of the wood for an extended period of time. 

Combining traditional boron-based wood treatments with new CS-W EcoCoating technology results in unheard-of protection from water-caused deterioration and insect damage. More . . .

  EcoCoat for Steel
  Applying CS-EcoCoat over zinc primer enhances durability of steel performance by 20%. No VOC content and replaces galvanizing as a coating of choice around the waterfront. (CS-EcoCoat (pdf)
  EcoCoat for Concrete

Sewage pipes benefit from CS-EcoCoat’s protection against sulfuric acid. 


EcoCoatings are patented (both in the U.S. and Internationally)

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