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  EcoCoat for Wood  

Effective as a wood treatment with combustion inhibiting agents, preserving the the non-combustibility of the wood for an extended period of time. 

Combining traditional boron-based wood treatments with new CS EcoCoating-technology results in unheard-of protection from water-caused deterioration and insect damage.
Boron has been used as a wood protection chemical for many years.  Its biggest drawback is that its effective lifespan is a year or less because water and rain dissolves the boron out of the wood.
CS-W EcoCoatings with boron not only permeates the wood but covers and seals the wood surface.  This prevents dissolution of the boron from the wood.  Furthermore, CS-W EcoCoating uses NO solvents, eliminating VOCs, and leaves no environmental footprint.  CS-W EcoCoatings can be used on any outdoor wooden structure ( bridges, docks, benches, etc.) and is safe enough for playground equipment.
CS-W EcoCoating keeps boron within the wood for a decade or longer.  One coat seals wood for ten years!
Two sealant types: 1) forms a film on the wood, 2) is a stain that penetrates and seals the wood.

  For over 25 years, these coatings have proven their value. Silane Coatings rates among the best of the best.  

EcoCoatings are patented (both in the U.S. and Internationally)

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