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EcoUSA Maintenance Specifications

EcoClean formulations are the specified ‘water-saving’ cleaners for all EcoUSA equipment

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EcoClean Formulations
Applications | Examples
1% to 3% of concentrate - plants, gardens and sensitive cleaning issues
3% of concentrate - general cleaning and standard uses
5% of concentrate - aggressive problems
10% of concentrate - emergencies, hazards and industrial uses
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EcoClean Product Literature
Distributor Intro - Overview of Distributor (pdf)
EcoClean Single Sheet Flier (pdf)
EcoClean - TriFold Flier (pdf)
Product Invite Cards (doc) - for customizing
MSDS - for shipping information (pdf)
Labels - samples for private label customizing
Distributor Pricing (pdf)
Two Liter Containers - 2 per Box
International Drum (200 Liters)

Express - Payment Discount Pricing (web site purchase price only)

Freight included (qualified Distributors only)

100% Concentrate
Minimum Order
International Shipping

$200 - (2) Two Liter Containers - 4 Liters total

200 Liters (International Drum)

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