Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoClean safe around pets?
YES - EcoClean is a solution of non-polluting inorganic molecules and ionic water with greatly enhanced cleaning power. It does not contain active surface agents, phosphates, or plasticizers. This makes EcoClean harmless to people, pets, and the environment.
How is EcoClean made?
EcoClean is produced using a novel, non-chemical approach. Negatively charged ions are injected into the water with specially designed equipment. The resulting hydroxyl ions generated by this process creates microclusters that are active at the water's surface making water self-flushing. More Research
Is EcoClean different than other ionized water cleaners?
YES - EcoClean is made using an 'improved' ionizing process. Products using EcoClean have more cleaning strength and a longer shelf life than other ionized waters.
Can I try it before I buy it?
YES - EcoClean is distributed in the United States through businesses committed to preserving water quality. Other qualifying businesses are invited to request a free sample to test and compare with our published standards and documented applications. Request a free sample.
I heard EcoClean improves water quality -- Is that true?
YES - EcoClean will actually cleanse the water if polluted. This also means sewage and water treatment plants have another detergent to remove waste materials and pollutants from water.
Does temperature change affect EcoClean?
When frozen EcoClean degrades to oxygen and hydrogen, its principal elements. Warming EcoClean over 120 degrees F enhances effectiveness.
Can I private label EcoClean?
YES - EcoClean Distribution is designed to favor environmentally committed cleaning companies. We will help you design a selling platform which will expand your market.
I'm interested in distributing - What Do I Do Next?
Contact a regional information center. Contact Us
What does the picture of dog T-shirt mean?
We offer a variety of ways to involve lcoal community and non-profit projects. The picture is an example of using QR Codes and using your brand for environmental awareness.
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