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Safe around pets & plants

EcoClean Uses & Applications Descriptions and specifications for cleaning sensitive property

Waterfront Products Independently Reviewed For Quality Control and Industry Standards
EcoClean Formulations for Golf Cources
Formulations for Golf Cources
EcoClean Formulations for Erosion Control
Formulations for Erosion Control
EcoClean Formulations for private labeling
Volume Orders, Non-profit Discounts are available for Private Labeling
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The POWER Of Super Charged Ionized Water
The benefits of ionized water were first introduced by Japanese scientists in 1992, but the beneficial natures of this 'miracle water' have been known for centuries. World-wide, the power of ionized water is becoming more and more documented. Video Selections
EcoCLEAN is more effective, and is active for longer time periods, than other ionized water solutions. It poses no environmental impact to water quality (fresh or salt water). It is strong enough to remove grease from a car engine, yet gentle enough fish can swim in it. Market applications
Formulations are tested and monitored for a variety of land and water management applications. Examples follow. EcoClean Formulations are sold through authorized Distributors.

EcoClean Formulations improve produce quality

Plant & AgriWash-- EcoClean performs at levels 4X that of other agricultural rinses.

  • Community & Medicinal Gardens / Large Farms
  • Control or Eliminate Plant Diseases
  • Improves Produce Quality
EcoClean Formulations improve soil conditions

Land & Soil Wash -- Use less fertilizer -- control root and soil infections.

  • Farm Management
  • Control Virus and Root Infection
  • Improve Output per Acre


EcoClean Formulations improve playgrounds

Playground - Sprayground & Athletic Field Wash -- Formulations to upgrade maintenance on play areas. Discounts for Kaboom and community projects

  • Play Area Health & Safety Maintenance
  • Control or Eliminate Pollutants
  • Control water borne diseases
  • Improve equipment longevity
EcoClean Formulations improve fish farm operations

AquaCulture Wash -- EcoClean formulations have shown to improve the size and health of fish populations.

  • Fish Farms & Aquaponics
  • Control or Eliminate Fish Diseases
  • Improve Fish Quality


EcoClean Formulations improve boat wash operations

Marina, Boatyard & Boat Ramp Wash -- EcoClean formulations conform to all environmental regulations and Clean Marina compliance standards.

  • Boat Washdown
  • Dock & Equipment Washdown
  • Control or Eliminate Water Pollution
  • Reduce Invasive Species

EcoClean Formulations arer specified for clean water compliance

Environmental Equipment Wash-- EcoClean formulations are the specified ‘water-saving’ cleaner for all EcoUSA equipment. The product has a number of uses on and near waterways. Equipment formulas include:

  • KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Ionizer
  • EcoMiser
  • Algae Eaters

EcoCLEAN formulations may be patented (both in the U.S. and Internationally)

Qualified businesses - request a free sample.

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