EcoCLEAN poses no environmental impact to water systems. Our formulations actually help rid water of pollutants and promote water body health as they work.

We have identified over 20 niche markets for use at Home. Commercial and Industrial property, and for specialized cleaning applications.

"It is simply the best cleaner for you and the environment."

Private Label Formulations for Niche Markets

(EcoBlue) formulations are developed for outdoor uses and waterfront property. They help eliminate most pollutants and wateborne diseases.

Contact Us for market niche abstracts which explain the follwoing uses:

Home Improvement Centers

Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning

Hospital & Hazardous Site Wash

Community & Local Medicinal Gardens

Landscape Contractors & HOA Maintenance

Zoos, Botanical Gardens & Aquariums

Parks & Golf Courses

Fish Farms & AquaCulture Management

Wineries & Sensitive Farm Management

Environmental Equipment Washdown

Playground & Athletic Equipment Wash

Facility Management & Cleaning Companies

Ports & Harbor Management

Waste Management Companies

Pools, Spas & Fountains

Pet Stores & Daycare

Deck, Dock & Patio Builders

Auto & Truck Repair Detailers

Boat & Barge Repair

Any and All Waterfront Businesses

Any & All Non-Profit Fundraising Enterprises


EcoCLEAN is patented (both in the U.S. and Internationally)

Qualified businesses - request a free sample.

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