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The KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Water Purifier--- Can Fit In The Back Of A Pickup Truck

Significant Dissolved Oxygen Improvement

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  • Heavy Metal Filters
  • Phos-Filters
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The Problem - Large volumes of chemicals (from fertilizers, road runoff and water management processes), many with potentially serious long-term toxicity problems -- are put into lakes, waterways and other reservoirs regularly, in attempts to improve water quality.

A Solution - "The KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Water Purifier is an Oil Eating - Algae-Destroying Machine"-- Ideal for fracking ponds, water utilities and impaired water bodies. The process restores 'natural eco-balances' and cleans submerged pollutants -- yet, does not use chemicals.

Product Applications

1. KRIA-EcoUSA water purification equipment is used for surface and below surface cleaning. It will degrade any organic pollutant including submerged oil, pesticides, PCBs, E-Coli, Corexit, phosphates, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc.

2. Ionizer technology injects negatively charged ions into water (oxidation).  The KRIA process will increase dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies at high capacities -- and restore natural marine eco-balance.

3. Refer to Product Performance Libraries for more information: See KRIA TECHSpecs

Product Highlight - Significant Water Body Improvement

(D) Decreases
(I) Improves
  • (D) Blue Green Algae
  • (D) Geosmin
  • (D) Phosphorus
  • (D) Benzene
  • (D) Methane
  • (D) Herbicides & Pesticides
  • (D) Oil & Hydrocrabons
  • (D) Fracking Fluids
  • (I) Dissolved Oxygen
  • (I) Aerobic Activity
  • (I) Water Quality Indexes

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