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Significant Indicators

Applied Use Example
Performance Specs
Cost Benefit Specs
Restore Water Body
Modular, <2 manhours/unit
Dissolved Oxygen, Blue-Green Algae
No chemicals
Cost per Acre/Ft

Fish Farm

Modular, <2 manhours/unit
Dissolved Oxygen, Red-tide
Emergency backup costs
Equipment Cost and Operational Comparisons, Warranty to Owner
Modular, <2 manhours/unit
Water Chemistry, Pollutant Indicators
No additional costs
Cost per barrel to reclaim
Clean Marina Fuel Dock
Transport on boat or small truck

Water Clarity, Water Bed Sediment

Trained Contractor
Compliance, Warranty to Contractor
Industrial Pond
Modular, <2 manhours/unit
Water Chemistry, Pollutant Indicator
No chemicals
Cost per Acre/Ft Warranty to Contractor

Benchmark Definitions (Downloand Water Body Improvement Example)



3rd Party and independently tested, Does not add chemicals, Does not disrupt ecosystems nor marine habitats, Does not require a permit

Site Specifics (exceptions)

Topography, water flow characteristics, wind/wave data and weather events may alter standards.

Proprietary (advantages)

Water cleaning process includes a water delivery system of negative ions (oxidation) using nano technology.


Dimensions: 42" x 30" x 30" Weight:440# -- one unit per shipping pallet

Modular Layouts

One unit effectively impacts approximately 1 mile area, 300' deep


Multiple units may be designed specific to the layout size.

Install Cost / Unit

Two man-hours per Unit
Performance Keys

Dissolved Oxygen Levels (bottom increases 20-40%)

The primary indicator of water cleaning performance is the change in Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels. Performance improvement is measured throughout the water column. All levels are higher in salt water. The KRIA system significantly increases DO levels (mg/L)

Water Chemistry (improves)

Other water quality changes must show improvement. Specific levels will increase or decrease over time -- indicating water quality improvement. The KRIA system significantly improves water quality levels (mg/L)

Key Pollutants (depleted or eliminated)

Key pollutant indicators will vary by water and site specific applications. The KRIA system significantly depletes or eliminates hydro-carbons in the water body. The system will also rid the water body of other pollutants by negative ion production and promoting aerobic growth at the water bottom.

Water Clarity

Visual observations, picture logs, and water quality standards indicate changes in water clarity (before / after applying technology). The KRIA system significantly increases water clarity indicators.
Maintenance (3 to 10 yr threshold)

Added Costs

The only on-going cost associated with the KRIA system is use of a 220 volt power source.

Chemicals / Additives

No chemicals are used
Replacement Parts
The KRIA system has over a ten year history of performance, Components and replacement parts are serviced per warranty verifications and manufacturer's operational standards.
Cost Benefits

Cost per Acre/Ft

Estimated cost to purchase and operate (over 10 yr period) a KRIA-EcoUSA system for designated water shed area. $21-$42 per AFt.

Capital Cost of Equipment

Estimate purchase price of KRIA-EcoUSA system vs. alternatives

Cost to Operate

Estimate on-going costs of KRIA-EcoUSA system vs. alternatives
Customer Service Validation


The KRIA-EcoUSA system is supported by one to three year warranty


The KRIA-EcoUSA system is supported by customer service, 800#s

Quality Control

The KRIA-EcoUSA system is monitored by manufacturer quality control standards. Owner Manuals are supplied to property owners.

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Water Body Improvement - KRIA Performance Summary  
KRIA-EcoUSA Operations Manual  
Professional Evaluation Form  
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TECHBlue Specs
*TECHSpecs (copyrighted by The TECHBlue Center) are compiled from testing and professional reviews. They exhibit water quality improvement standards, supported by verifiable testing protocols.. Basic categories (i.e. Life Cycle Analysis, Freight & Transport, Installation, Performance and Maintenance practices) are used to evaluate products, equipment and technologies. Changes in water body health and product sustainability are documented for comparison.

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