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Clean Waterfront Applications
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Oil Cleanup Applications
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EcoUSA was formed to provide waterfront communities, the oil industry, environmental organizations. and water utilities with new technology options to protect water quality. The technologies have spawned a number of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Technologies Which Improve Water Body Health


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EcoUSA Ionizer
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Product / Equipment



KRIA Industrial Ionizer

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Increase Dissolved Oxygen
Deplete Pollutants

Water Body Health


Diesel Fuel Efficiency

Truck Fleets
Equipment, Barges

Oil Separating System (OSS)

Oil Recovery

Oil Shale


Waste Recovery
Fuel Recycling

Facility Management

Alpha Gel

Oil Recovery
Fuel Recycling

Water Body Health

Permeate Coatings

Corrosion Protection / No Negative Impact


EcoClean Formulations

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SuperOxide Cleaner / No Negative Impact

Maintenance, Heavy Equipment, SiteWash, AgriWash

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