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TECHBlue Center - Clean Waterfront Primer [Alliances] Alliance Update - This is the first in a series about clean waterfront technologies.

A primer for clean waterfront, focusing on needs and priorities - this is an outline of new 'game-changer' technologies used in cleaning our impaired water bodies. Pictured are macro-engineering solutions applied to clean water management by industry leaders.

TECHBlue Center videos advance a clean water agenda. We encourage professional and public participation.

KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Ionizer - How It Works

How Does The KRIA-EcoUSA Water Cleaning Equipment destroy oil and other water pollutants without harming marine habitats? The system works throughout the water column -- in fresh and salt water.


KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Ionizer - Survey of Need

A brief introduction to the water problem solving capabilities of the KRIA-EcoUSA Ionizer Water Cleaning System. The Ionizer system eliminates hydrocarbons below the water surface, depletes pollutants and restores impaired water bodies.



KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Ionizer - Performance Comparison 800.517.2575

An introduction to life cycle analysis (LCA) characteristics of water cleaning equipment. Advantages of using a KRIA-EcoUSA Ionizer System are highlighted. The system eliminates hydrocarbons below the water surface, depletes pollutants and restores impaired water bodies. The ionization process has a significant impact on improving water quality in small or large, salt or fresh water systems.


KRIA - Industrial Water Purifier - Orange Beach, AL

Ionizer technology injects negatively charged ions into water (oxidation). It will degrade any organic pollutant including submerged oil. It may well be the only known way to clean marshes of spilled oil.

This equipment is ideal for fracking ponds, water utilities and waterfront facilities, as it removes pesticides, Corexit, phosphates, ammonia, etc.


AlphaGel Oil Spill Cleanup - EcoUSA Products - 800.517.2575

AlphaGel Products from EcoUSA. -- Oil Solidifier listed with the EPA as a biomediation product. Demonstrates the cleanup of surface oil capture and REUSE possibilities.



OSS - Oil Sludge Separating - EcoUSA 800.517.2575

Superheated steam: Heat energy of steam superheated to a temperature of more than 500℃ jet-propelled from special nozzles and kinetic energy of shock waves generated from the injection at a speed of more than Mach 2 are utilized.

Speedy heat exchange and colliding shock wave: By colliding with superheated steam at an ultra-sonic speed of Mach, the materials processed are instantly separated to oil component and solid substance. At the same time, heat exchange is performed.

Clean energy: All the energy to be processed is obtained by the steam.

Recovery: The solid substance of heavy metal, sand, asphalting and resin with a lot of molecular weight in the oil sludge is recovered by Cyclone. Oil substance vaporized is liquefied and recovered by a scrubber.

Performance & Technical Summaries (Distributor Password may be required) Spring, 2013 - Contents

Technical Review, Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, Case Studies, Peer Reviews, Life Cycles, Comparisons, TECHSpecs

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