About Us

EcoUSA was formed to provide waterfront communities, the oil industry, environmental organizations and water utilities with new technology options to protect water quality. The technologies have spawned a number of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Why EcoUSA?

The benefits of ionized water were first introduced by Japanese scientists in 1992, but the beneficial natures of this 'miracle water' have been known for centuries. World-wide, the power of ionized water is becoming more and more documented.

EcoUSA provides technologies for facility managers, contractors and waterfront businesses which help comply with regulatory standards. Products are listed, with performance specifications and ordering information. Custom and water-body specific equipment is engineered on request.

Our Team:

Mike Mangham, mike@EcoUSA.us

Machiko Mangham, machiko@EcoUSA.us

Shella Hamil, shella@EcoUSA.us