AlphaGel is an oil solidifying agent used for spill recovery in fresh or salt water. The product is safe to use around animals and marine habitats, and is an integral part of a total HAZMAT and recovery program.


A collaboration team of marine biologists, microbiology chemists, chemical engineers and waterfront professionals has reviewed AlphaGel.


For over 25 years, oil solidifying agents have proven their value. AlphaGel rates among the best of the best.

  • Weight - product:oil ratio of 1:10

  • No pre-mixing or dilution by water is required.

  • Harmless Environmental Impact (fresh or salt water)

  • Non-electrostatic

  • Nonflammable

  • Listed with EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule

  • Easy to apply

  • Listed with U.S. Coast Guard Shore Logistics Center

  • Will not support microbial decomposition

  • Application training, equipment & delivery process

  • Two-year shelf life

  • Bio-remediation product

  • Recycling Programs in place

  • On-going testing and monitoring programs

  • Distribution throughout U.S. and Canada