EcoClean Formulations

  • Transparent, odorless and non-flammable

  • Harmless Environmental Impact (water, natural habitats)

  • Non-electrostatic

  • Harmless to rubber

  • Difficult to emulsify

  • Will not support microbial decomposition

  • Easily removes carbon, nicotine, oil and fat

  • Surfaces resist dust accumulation

  • Surfaces resist organic growth

  • Gentle to skin and clothes

  • Cleaning effectiveness may be enhanced by warming and/or by using a pressurized spray.

EcoClean is a versatile, safe all-purpose cleaning agent. It is strong enough to remove red wine from carpets or grease from a car engine, yet gentle enough for fish to swim in. 

EcoClean has significant anti-microbial powers as certified by independent testing. In fact, EcoClean will actually cleanse polluted water. This also means that water sewage treatment plants will not have to use another detergent to remove contaminants from waste water.

EcoClean is Super Ionized Water - formulated to mix with water. Formulations will remove light corrosion, rust, mold, algae, oil, dirt and grease...

yet is harmless to water!

Plant & AgriWash: EcoClean performs at levels 4X that of other agricultural rinses.

Playground - Sprayground & Athletic Field Wash: Formulations to upgrade maintenance on play areas. Discounts for Kaboom and community projects.

Marina, Boatyard & Boat Ramp Wash: EcoClean formulations conform to all environmental regulations and Clean Marina compliance standards.

Land & Soil Wash: Use less fertilizer -- control root and soil infections.

AquaCulture Wash: EcoClean formulations have shown to improve the size and health of fish populations.

Environmental Equipment Wash: EcoClean formulations are the specified ‘water-saving’ cleaner for all EcoUSA equipment.

Is EcoClean safe around pets?

YES - EcoClean is a solution of non-polluting inorganic molecules and ionic water with greatly enhanced cleaning power. It does not contain active surface agents, phosphates, or plasticizers. This makes EcoClean harmless to people, pets, and the environment.


How is EcoClean made?

EcoClean is produced using a novel, non-chemical approach. Negatively charged ions are injected into the water with specially designed equipment. The resulting hydroxyl ions generated by this process creates microclusters that are active at the water's surface making water self-flushing. 


Is EcoClean different than other ionized water cleaners?

YES - EcoClean is made using an 'improved' ionizing process. Products using EcoClean have more cleaning strength and a longer shelf life than other ionized waters.

Can I try it before I buy it?

YES - EcoClean is distributed in the United States through businesses committed to preserving water quality. Other qualifying businesses are invited to request a free sample to test and compare with our published standards and documented applications. Request a free sample.


I heard EcoClean improves water quality -- Is that true?

YES - EcoClean will actually cleanse the water if polluted. This also means sewage and water treatment plants have another detergent to remove waste materials and pollutants from water.


Does temperature change affect EcoClean?

When frozen EcoClean degrades to oxygen and hydrogen, its principal elements. Warming EcoClean over 120 degrees F enhances effectiveness.