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EcoUSA was formed to provide waterfront communities, the oil industry, environmental organizations and water utilities with new technology options to protect water quality. The technologies have spawned a number of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Water Cleaning -- Applications1

KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Water Cleaning -- Applications1

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Kria Ionizer

"The KRIA-EcoUSA Industrial Water Purifier is an Oil Eating - Algae-Destroying Machine"-- Ideal for fracking ponds, water utilities and impaired water bodies. The process restores the natural level of dissolved oxygen, kills anaerobic bacteria. and reduces organic pollutants to water and carbon dioxide.


EcoClean is Super Ionized Water - formulated to mix with water. Formulations will remove light corrosion, rust, mold, algae, oil, dirt and grease; yet is harmless to water.


AlphaGel is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule (NCP), and is highly rated by independent, third party reviews for clean waterfront