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Crude oil reclaiming processed without environmental pollution.

Oil Sludge Separating System (OSS)

Macro-engineering solution for waste management. Thermal Cracking System equipment will RECYCLE GARBAGE on a large scale. Does not emit dioxin nor CO2.

EE21 Resource Recovery System

High efficiency combustion supporting device for trucks, ships, barges and heavy equipment. Tests verify over 20% fuel savings.


Sustainable material protection systems. Silane coatings which provide protection against corrosion in water and salt air environments on a long term basis.

For general environmental maintenance, emergency response and regulatory compliance.

Spill Containment Equipment

Aquaflame 2000 is a fuel emulsification system that increase fuel efficiency by up to 30%. 70/30 oil emulsifier reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Capacity up to 300 liters per hour.

Fuel Emulsifier

EcoUSA was formed to provide waterfront communities, the oil industry, environmental organizations. and water utilities with new technology options to protect water quality. The technologies have spawned a number of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

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