Other Products

Crude oil reclaiming processed without environmental pollution.

Oil Sludge Separating System (OSS)

Macro-engineering solution for waste management. Thermal Cracking System equipment will RECYCLE GARBAGE on a large scale. Does not emit dioxin nor CO2.

EE21 Resource Recovery System

High efficiency combustion supporting device for trucks, ships, barges and heavy equipment. Tests verify over 20% fuel savings.


Sustainable material protection systems. Silane coatings which provide protection against corrosion in water and salt air environments on a long term basis.

For general environmental maintenance, emergency response and regulatory compliance.

Spill Containment Equipment

Aquaflame 2000 is a fuel emulsification system that increase fuel efficiency by up to 30%. 70/30 oil emulsifier reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Capacity up to 300 liters per hour.

Fuel Emulsifier